The Bow Ramp

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gee, what to say?

Well, I've been thoroughly addicted to reading blogs for a couple of years now. I post comments on a semi-regular basis, and have even had some nice responses from various bloggers. So I have taken the next step and created a blog of my own. Now, lets see if I can drag enough posts out of the old hat-rack to make it worthwhile for me and, most importantly, for any possible readers.

Okay, now tell the nice people what this blog is about. What! 'Ya mean I gotta come up with a theme? If I just stick to the subjects that interest me, we will be all over the map because I'm interested in a LOT of stuff. So to narrow things down a bit, I think I will start with what I know best - the Navy and computers.

Yep, I'm probably gonna be one of those (insert epithet here) Milbloggers.

OK, this should be enough for a first post. I'll just post this sucker and then explore what I can do with Blogger for awhile before I get back to you.