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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Finally made it out of the Sargasso Sea

Well, John has completed his trip to Mexico and is home resting. On the ohter hand, I have been off the air the last three days preping for my trip. It is about 5:30 am at the Portland airport and I am trying to catch up with John's previous posts. As usual, I am quoting his complete post and hosting the pictures on my own server to avoid sucking his bandwidth. Please however, visit his site at Castle Argghhh!!!for other great content

Today, we'll be documenting her condition in detail to start generating the shipyard work orders to restore her to her WWII configuration.
My piece of all this, the armament, is in great shape, so today we'll be dismounting and disassembling her 20mm guns. She has four, one mostly complete, and three in varying stages of cannibalization.
So, mostly today what I'll be doing is stripping stuff from the Gearing-class that sits next to her - the one destined to be a reef in November - for stuff we can use on the Rodgers (we need four watertight doors, for example) and stuff we can bring home for trading material.
And mebbe something that will fit in my luggage...
Say hello to our Pretty Woman from a different perspective than yesterday:

And for you Destroyer aficionadoes out there - hi-res (right click and save as, please)
More to come. I'll have to tell you about my romantic walk along the beach with a Mexican Admiral...