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Thursday, November 20, 2008

On My Way Home

Sorry for no posting Yesterday at day two of the Coast Guard Expo. Spent a lot of time talking to people at the various booths. I did manage to get to the Social Media breakout session. Lots of good info about SM in the Coast Guard (official and unofficial.) The Commandant, ADM Allen dropped in and chatted a while. It's really great to have support at the top.

A really neat example of how small the world is becoming, Monday on the Unofficial Coast Guard Blog, there was a post about some folks in Tacoma who are trying to presereve and find a permanent home for the former Navy/Coast Guard oceangoing tug Comanche (WMEC-202). So, that evening I email the group and express my interest as I live only four hours away and am a former tug sailor myself. Tuesday evening, I'm at a reception put on by HP and I get to talking to a guy who mentions he used to be on the Cherokee(WMEC-165), which was like the one I was on! Needless to say, I tell him about the project and give him their email address.

Right now I'm in the Norfolk airport waiting for my flight.

***No links or photos until I get home***

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