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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Old Friends, Fighting Murphy, and Lunch

Its lunchtime and I am at a local pizza spot. I've finished my pizza and now enjoying the last of my microbrew. Aaaah beer....... My abject appologies for not posting these last several days. I was planning to blog last weekend, but ended up spending all day Saturday and Sunday repairing a spambot infestation on a PC at my wife's business. When will the govt. declare the War Against Worms? Also, I received word that an old, dear shipmate is scheduled for bypass surgery next week. This has really bummed me out.

Here is a picture of my shipmate Manoog Kaprilian in 1972. As you can see, he was a Signalman.
Where did our youth go? I'm not ready to be old, but that clock keeps ticking anyway.

This is a recent photo with Manoog (second from right) at one of our reunions.

Ooops, lunchtime is over--back to the salt mines.

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Update ***
Big Sigh of Relief - Manoog made it through surgery. Thanks to everyone at the New Haven VA Hospital.