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Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day Parade 2005, Albany, OR

I attended the Veterans Day parade in Albany, Oregon this morning. The rain thankfully decided to hold off until after the parade finished (hey, this is Oregon -- we expect rain.)

This year the parade was somewhat smaller than usual as much of the Oregon National Guard was at some evolution over in Idaho. Even so, it took about two hours for everyone to march past my spot. Once again I was slightly embarrassed whenever people came up to thank me for my service -- especially when one individual who is currently serving had just broken ranks to step over and shake my hand.

And now for the fun stuff -- pictures and movies! Click on the captions for full-sized photos.

Ya gotta have pipers at a military parade.

Next comes the first of what must have been 25 or 30 colorguards.

Lots of marching bands too.

Here are the Masons with a really large U.S. flag.

These guys are the Governor's Mounted Guard.

Another color guard.

Unfortunately, I was spacing out and didn't get the Engineer vehicles until after they had passed. They were quite a hit with the kids. Yes, that is the Albany Armory building across the street.

Freshly returned from the sandpit.

These guys were having fun turning the tables on the crowd.

There were about three military prep schools marching. Here is one of them.

Another High School band. This one from Canby, OR.

Here is a vintage Deuce and a Half.

Can't forget the Coast Guard.

This is a movie. Click on the link below to view the clip. Quicktime required.

I just love the sound of the pipes.

Here are some more movies of vintage military vehicles. Click on the links below to view the clips.

The first one is a WW I truck with Doughboys escorting. The second vehicle is a WW II tank with GIs escorting.

Now a movie of a half track.

I'm getting old! I used to know the name of this particular amphibious vehicle, darn it.

This last vehicle is from MY time. A Marine gamma goat. I once had the not-so-distinct honor of drowning about a dozen of those things in the surf.
UPDATE Alert reader Ernie (see comments) has pointed out - that thing is actually a "Mule" not a gamma-goat. (74 wiping egg from face.)

And finally, the Middies of the Oregon State NROTC unit.

Thanks to The Mudville Gazette and Castle Argghhh! for the open posts.