The Bow Ramp

Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Blogiversary

I'm a couple of days late (actual aniversary was the 9th.) Unlike some others, its not that I forgot the date, but I had to pull an all-nighter Thursday so I put off posting.

As you can see by scrolling down, I haven't posted a great deal in the last three months. Primarily, this is because I have embarked on a new (additional) career. I'm still working for a beltway bandit during the week, but back in December I joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Being an Auxiliarist means I'm essentially an unpaid Reservist. Why would I do a crazy thing like that? I've felt terrible since 9/11 because I'm too old to go back in the service. Like an old firehorse, I feel the need to gallop towards the fire when they ring the bell. Auxiliarists can't be involved in law enforcement or military operations with the Coast Guard, but what we can do is safety, aids to navigation, and pollution patrols. We also get involved with search and rescue. Finally, if I can get sufficiently qualified, I can stand watches at the Station and be a crewman on the Motor Life Boats. We can also be called out for disaster relief. Its not DOD, but DHS will do for an old fart like me.