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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On The Plane
I had just enough time to finish posting one of John's communiques from Mexico when it was time to board my flight. I'm bound for Charleston, SC via Houston for my annual Navy reunion. As usual these days, the plane is full. Unusually for me, I didn't bring a book to read -- so I'm going to blog a bit on my Treo and post this when I hit the ground in Houston.
My lovely wife can't make it to the reunion this year, so I'll be "batching it" for a few days. Also this year I'm arriving a day early to help set up. As I've written earlier, Dave Donaldson our association historian died a while back and I've been filling in temporarily. Last week, I shipped a case full of material to the hotel and I'm also lugging some more stuff with me today. Dave always did a great job of putting up and displaying our momentos. My efforts won't be nearly as good, but it should be adequate.
A couple of days ago, I received some emails from my old shipmate Manoog Kaprilian. He won't make it this year. He moved to Armenia a while back. It was great to hear from him though. "Kappy" and I were steaming buddies aboard the USS Antelope. For you non-Navy types, it means we were best friends and spent a lot of time watching each other's back on liberty -- sort of like a battle buddy only in a non-combat environment. :-) I hope to be posting a lot from the reunion and maybe Manoog can have a virtual experience.

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