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Friday, June 24, 2005

Tagged Again

Gee Chap, you keep blessing me with these things. Either you have a very small circle of friends, or you must be trying to establish some sort of Chain of Command.

It took me a while to discover that you had given me a tasker. For some reason, comments don't seem to be forwarding to my email like they are supposed to so I just discovered your comment from the 21st. last night. I thought you had my email address Chap?

Anyway, This particular travelling Q and A has four questions. Answering the first one might be tricky for me. You see, I'm sort of in the same spot as Bill Clinton: it depends on your definition of "port visit." If I define port visit as a place that a typical fleet unit (tin can, submarine, carrier, etc.) is liable to go to, you have one answer. If you define port visit as any place that I spent some time ashore while being a crewman aboard something in the vicinity that floats and is owned by Uncle Sam's Navy, then you get a much larger number (and frankly I didn't keep a log of a lot of those places.) That said, here goes.

1. Number of ports I've visited: about 60 in the conventional way, and well over 100 by my alternative definition.

2. Most recent port I've visited: Subic Bay (well, that dates me doesn't it.)

3. Port I never want to see again: Actually, there has never been a place that I didn't enjoy going to on one level or another, as I've never visited any of the real hell-holes like Karichi or Djbouti. My brother Randy pulled some duty there and is pretty much in agreement with The Yankee Sailor about that place.

4. Three ports that were most memorable: I actually partially answered this on in Chaps comments back on the 18th.
Freemantle/Perth, Australia The first time I went there was in 1980 after spending several months in the Arabian Sea during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. I was absolutly captivated by the place.
Sydney, Australia a few days later. Boy, talk about a two-fer.
Subic Bay, Philippines. It was hot, damp, dirty, and loud: but there has never been anyplace like it. Nirvana for the Screamin' Seaman. Disneyland for the disipated.

Hmm, why not ask some Marines this question. They get to go play on the big grey things too. I'll see if Mike, Major Mike, and Grim will nibble the bait.

Oh, and Chap - when you gonna get trackbacks?

Update - I got double-teamed! Skippy-San got me too!