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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Better Late Than Never

What do you know, I found where the Treo hid my Sunday post. So, without further ado, here it is--two days late and a dollar short.

Where would you like to go today?
Breakfast Blogging this morning. The wife is down at the shop and being the lazy slug that I am, I'm eating out rather than preparing breakfast for myself. On the other hand, Grempsey's makes toast Southern style like my Grandmother used to, so I guess nostalgia wins.
I am disappointed that the wife and I aren't going to Texas until July. I see there will be a blog gathering at Brew Naufels (excuse me, New Braunfels) on my birthday. Unfortunately, we won't be in the area until two weeks later to visit my oldest daughter in Boerne. When I do get down there, I would like to meet up with Sgt. Mom if she's willin'. She and I are the same "vintage" if you will and even though we made our careers in different services, there is a lot we have in common in terms of times 'n places. As a kid, I used to roam around not too far from where she was growing up. Blog-wise, Stryker's was one of the first sites I started reading on a regular basis, so meeting up with her would be a real treat.
Moving on---I am repeatedly amazed at the people who haunt the county courthouse every Wed. and Sat. afternoons. Who are these people? They are our local contingent of peaceniks. These folks are the truly committed. The majority of them are about my age, and since this area was where many of the hippies fled when "The Haight" went sour, I imagine these folks have been doing this for nearly forty years now. You would think that in all that time, they might have refined their techniques. The world around them has changed dramatically, yet they persist. They were there when I first came to town in '89. Back then, they were mostly protesting global warming and globalization. Now, they have the added thrill of protesting the GWOT. As a former member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) I can empathize with the fun of role-playing, but in the SCA, we at least knew it was fantasy. It's sad that these folks don't seem to realize they are nothing but a tourist attraction.

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