The Bow Ramp

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Onward to Charleston
The flight to Houston went very well. Upon arriving at George Bush Airport, I slogged over to terminal B for my next flight. Terminal B is the cattle car terminal. Despite the sardine can feeling in the waiting room, I have to say that things went pretty smoothly and the Continental Airlines personnel have been very nice and quite efficient. I don't fly often enough to really amass an opinion about which airline is best, but I'm a happy traveler today. Hopefully the good times will continue to roll for the rest of the day.
This will be the eighth Patrol Gunboat reunion I have attended in as many years. I have only missed the first one in '98 (they hadn't found me yet.) It is great to get together with such a wonderful group of people. The lovely Mrs. 74 is quite upset about not going this year. Every year we go to a different location around the country. This means that there a core group of us that vacation together every year and quite a few drop-ins who live nearby and either can't afford the recurring travel, or can't get the time off. So far, its worked out well.

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