The Bow Ramp

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Feeding my Habit

This lunch-blogging is getting to be a habit. Can I own the term? If Glenn, The Captain, and Smash can hospiblog .... Its actually pretty convenient for me. I avoid blogging at work, although I sometimes read blogs there while waiting for some process to finish. When I get home I'm frequently called upon to work the Honey-do list; so lunchtime is ideal. There is no cafeteria at work. I usually go to one of the local establishments to eat and with my new infrared portable keyboard, I can type easily on my Treo. The only major drawback is that it is slow and laborious to insert links when posting from the Treo, so I compose on it and then fill in the links later from home. So if any of you Higher-Beings from the blogosphere were to happen by and see yourself mentioned without the usual link, just wait a bit--I'll get you linked sooner or later. That said, I will leave you with this. You can't beat the Northwest for micro-brew.

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