The Bow Ramp

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Missed Out

on Blog Nashville. I was able to tune in on the webcast for a few minutes, but had to spend most of the day updating our shop's website. When I say "our" I mean that my lovely wife runs the place and I am the cheap labor :-). Now I am downtown blogging from the new Water Street Market. It just recently opened -- still has that "new" smell, but it is actually an old building. The last few years have seen some definite improvement on Corvallis's waterfront. Those of you who are not from these parts (read nearly everyone) don't know that Corvallis used to be the most upstream navigable point on the Willamette River. First Street runs along the river and back around 1900 used to be lined with docks on one side and warehouses on the other. Now, the river bank is a linear park and the dry side of First Street is mostly restaurants and shops. One really nice thing about Corvallis is that the downtown area never went to seed. We've never had "urban renewal" here, just a long standing movement to retain downtown as the mercantile and entertainment center of town.

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