The Bow Ramp

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Today's Lunch Post

comes from the Red Horse Coffee Shop. I usually stop in here in the mornings and yak with the "gang" to get tuned into the community. We've got all sorts in our morning group. Retirees, farmers, tech workers, cops, health care workers, contractors, etc. All in all, a pretty diverse group and the discussions can get as wild as a comment party over at Castle Argghhh! I'm the only blogger in the group, however. My mission is to educate them. Their mission is to throw paper cups at me when I get too geekey -- a fair trade I guess. It is certainly a beautiful day out. We do have our season of gloom here (think unending rain;) but when this time of year rolls around, you can't beat the place. James Lileks should transplant Jasperwood to the Willamette Valley and Charles Johnson would die for the bicycling here. Of course, if everyone moved here, this place wouldn't be the same; so all you people stay put -- this is our place!

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