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Monday, June 27, 2005

Back to LunchBlogging.

I am getting so disgusted with people spouting their particular political views without backing them up with facts. Even more disgusting is that so many other people are willing to swallow that crud at face value. i'd love to make Mein Kampf required reading in High School. Way back in the prehistoric age of 1969, I attended S.E.R.E. school prior to arriving in Vietnam. The first assignment we had was to study Chairman Mao's Red Book. The idea was that the best way to defeat your enemy was to understand his thoughts and methods. Our increasingly leftist educators will never teach about the great propagandist's methods, because to do so would reveal themselves to their students. I have no problems with people who have leftist leanings (heck, I've got some socialist tendancies myself.) What gets my goat is presenting your views in a dishonest fashion. My Liberal friends (and I do have many--in this town, its unavoidable unless you want to be a hermit) will invariably cut straight to the "Double D" treatment of anyone in the Administration--demonization and derision, rather than honestly debate the underlying philosophy of the issue at hand. It seems to me that most of them think at their political beliefs are "proven" rather than just another point of view. That said, I have to admit that any number of right-leaning people are just as guilty of the same behavior. Too many people seem to be afraid of exposing their assumptions to scrutiny.

Well, lunch is over, so I must crawl back into my hole.


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