The Bow Ramp

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I thought I woud be blogging up a storm while at my Navy reunion, but it turned out that I could never tear myself away from my shipmates long enough to do justice to anything I thought about to post. I did make one attempt at the beginning though. I thought I'd try an experiment of uploading a hi-res photo from my Treo. I swapped the memory card in the Treo with the one from my digital camera and tried posting some comments and four, 1MB photos. All it managed to do was hang up the Treo. Oh well, leason learned. From now on, only crappy lo-res photo posting from my PDA.
The reunion was a resounding successs though. Even though it was over 100 degrees out, we had a great time on the tours and I even managed to sneak in some time to visit the Coast Guard station here for a little busman's holiday. Best of all was, of course, catching up with all my old shipmates and their families.
Unfortunatly, old age and our past sins are starting to catch up with us. We've suffered a couple of deaths this last year. A few others were not able to attend because of health issues. Worst of all, one of my good friends was just diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of days before the reunion. Its bad enough thinking about your own mortality when you're young and death seems problematical. Now-a-days, I keep getting my nose rubbed in it!
Sheesh! Enough with the navel gazing. Our Saturday night banquet was really great and featured a wonderful Elvis act. Pictures will be forthcoming in a day or two -- including lots of Gun Pron for the Castle gang.

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