The Bow Ramp

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear John, I'm sorry

if you misconstrued my intelligence to the point that you could possibly have believed that your "apology" to our service members would be accepted.

That was the most sorry-assed, unbelievable, insincere, apology I've ever heard from anyone (except you)!

Here's a hint for 'ya Johnny boy. Statements don't live in a vacuum. What you posted on your web site might possibly be believable if the remarks you made the other day weren't part of a forty-year pattern of verbal assault against military personnel. I'm STILL waiting for an apology about your 1971 Congressional testimony. You know, the speech that likened me to Genghis Khan.

If someone gave me the opportunity to bitch-slap either you or Osama bin Laden, I'd have to think long and hard about that before deciding. At least Osama is straightforward about his beliefs.