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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Marc Lee Memorial Services III

12:30 pm. After screening the mourners from the morons, we (the various counter protesters) were invited inside for the service. We've stepped out a little early to take up station again, but I don't see the Phelps group.

Update: I was told that the Phelps group packed up and was driven by limo back to Portland soon after we went inside.

The service was very nice. There were several hundred people in attendance. There was an Army Color Guard and a Navy Honor Guard. Marc was buried earlier this month at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetary in San Diego. It says something about Marc and his family that he was buried there in such good company, rather than in his home town. Afterwards, we (those who had come to block the Phelps crowd) formed a flag lined corridor between the entrance of the building and the parking lot when the mourners left. All of the family members came by and personaly thanked each of us. Two other ladies who came and thanked us were relatives of Marc's wounded team member. The woman who was standing next to me (who seemed to be one of the motorcyclists) pointed out an elderly mourner being helped into the limo. She told me that the man was one of the Flying Tigers of WW II fame. I then discovered that the woman lived about 30 miles from me in Independance, Oregon and that her own son had been killed in Iraq. He had been a Blackhawk pilot. She has been assisting the families of other Oregonians killed or wounded. My hat is off to her. It has to be gut wrenching every time she attends one of these services.

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