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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Spoke Too Soon

Well, the vermin have shownup.

Only four of them so far.

Update: All in all, I think there were a total of 6. Not sure because I had my back to them for most of the time. Now that I have experienced it in person, I can only agree with Smash and Blackfive. These people are in it for the money as well as publicity. Mrs. Phelps (the attorney) was walking back and forth behind our line taunting us with the most vile personal slurs. Her words were obviously intended to goad people into assaulting her. If the average Vietnam vet was anywhere as close to being as out-of-control as the urban legends would have it, she would have been beaten to death. I could almost hear the teeth grinding over the sounds of the motorcycle and the bagpipe we were using to drown out their chanting. This is a fine example of why the legal "profession" is held in such low esteem. Why in the world hasn't this harpy been disbarred? Free speech is one thing, but to purposly take advantage of it to incite violence so that you can sue for damages is unethical at the very least. I understand that groups tend to protect their own; but this sort of behavior really crosses the line. Kansas Bar Association -- grow a pair and get rid of this woman. She is an embarrasment to every lawyer in America.

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