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Monday, August 15, 2005

Gosh, that was refreshing!

The wonderous wife and I went to see The Great Raid last night. I throughly enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it. One aspect of the show that really impressed me was the unusually accurate portrail of military personnel. These guys weren't all John Waynes, moronic martinets, or genius privates like you see in the typical Hollywierd production. There were no "You can't handle the truth" shouting matches--just normal, everyday people trying to do the best they can in a crappy situation. Everyone dealt with the other personalities as they could and focused on the mission.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

What's With This?

Last night I post about the trapped Russian AS-28 using the heading "Submariners in Peril" and this morning the local paper comes out with this.

Who says bloggers aren't journalists! We can at least write competitive headlines.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Submariners in Peril

My heart goes out to those guys trapped on the bottom off Petropavlovsk. I pray they can be rescued. For any of you dropping by who are unfamiliar with submarines and submarine rescue, I recommend you go here for info about what was the first successful rescue of trapped submariners. Their lives were saved by a lot of hard work, luck, and the genius of this man. "Swede" Momsen was one hell of a man.

Update: Here is another great salvage man, Edward Ellsberg. In 1926 he was in charge of the sucessful raising of the sunken S-51, two years later, he attempted to save six men trapped onboard the S-4. His book On the Bottom was one of my favorite reads as a teenager. Both of these men spent years fighting the Navy establishment. Together with my favorite aviator, Danial Gallery, these men were the true naval heroes. Many people can do what needs to be done in the face of the enemy, but it takes real guts to stand your ground against stupidity from your own side when your career is on the line.

How I Plan to Get Rich

I've figured out how to ensure my financial success. All I have to do is convince Rupert Murdoch to give me a nickel everytime the word "shocking" is mentioned on Fox News Channel.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


2:22pm Here is a photo of this mornings local paper in Corvallis. The Gazette Times.

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The Mother

2:15pm Here is a photo of Mrs. Wilbeger and LT Noble.

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How Courtney was Fingered

2:09pm Albuquerque PD were instrumental in running down the vehicle by contacting local PD about a ticket on the vehicle written in Coos Bay, OR. The Coos Bay PD pointed them to Corvallis. There were 13 witness before the Grand Jury. Press Conf. now ending. Good, short and to the point. They aren't saying a thing about Brooke's fate at this point. I will stick around for a press kit and additional comments.

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Brook's Mother Tammy Speaking.

2:00 pm Generic comments from the mother. Now LT Noble turning over to the Benton County DA. Last Friday Grand Jury heard the testimony and returned indictment. He (Courtney) is charged with several counts including some specific things which point to someone talking about this who knows a great deal. Courtney will finish legal procedings in NM. on similar charges before a trial here (could be years before local trial starts.) The vehicle was the link to suspect. A green mini van had been seen in the area. Police tracked it down out of state. It was registered to a relative. Courtney's family has been very cooperative.

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1:59pm One minute to start. Corvallis PD LT Ron Noble will officiate.

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Everyone Waiting

Here is a picture of the crowd awaiting the press conference

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Backgound Information

1:47pm Some background. Brooke Wilbeger disappeared about 14 months ago from an appt. complex just one block from here where she was working for her sister during the summer. Brooke had just completed her Freshman year at Brigham Young Univ. Last night word was leaked to the media that a suspect had been named and that he was in custody in NM on a related charge. The suspect's name is Joel Patrick Courtney, 39.

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Not a Big Enough Venue

1:46pm I'm at the back of the room, behind the cameras. No seating, or table to place my keyboard on. Therefore I will be finger typing on my Treo and so input will be slow.

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Live Blogging from the Brooke Wilberger Disappearance Press Conference

1:45pm I am attempting to live blog the press conf. this afternoon scheduled for 2:00pm at the LaSells Stewart Center on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis OR.

Since I am using my Treo, I have to make separate posts so click on the Home link below, then scroll down.

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