The Bow Ramp

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yes, its THAT day

and our local "Truthers" just had to have a demonstration here in town. Fortunately for my blood pressure, I didn't hear about it until after it was over. Unfortunately, it will probably be all over the front page of our local fishwrap tomorrow. So, I'm asking myself, how can those people be convinced that 9/11 was our fault instead of the Islamists? I got to thinking that maybe (to some extent) its because many people were raised to believe that violence is evil, but it seems to be human nature to want to assign blame. So, if you need to blame something, but are ashamed to strike out at the obvious villian; you end up blaming yourself -- which is to say, not yourself, but your side -- America, Bush, Republicans, or even the Dog Catcher.

Oh well, /rant

My how time flies. Its been over six months since my last post. Where have I been? Same place as before, but I've been so busy with my Auxiliary duties, I just haven't had the motivation to blog. What have I been up to since February? Lets see, the lovely Mrs. 74 and I went to my Navy Reunion in Buffalo, NY. Here is a clip of our tour of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls - up close.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was on orders up in Washington State at Lake Wanapum, on the Columbia River. I was providing communications support for the Coast Guard Patrol Commander when they brought a boat and a couple of Law Enforcement teams up to try and reduce the typical drunken mayhem that occurs there during holidays. My van has now been officially dubbed "The Porcupine."

I was also recently involved with a Continuity of Operations (COOP) exercise in Portland. Sorry, no pics - way too busy that day.

Here is a pic of me down at the Yaquina Bay Motor Lifeboat Station.