The Bow Ramp

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Thursday night I completed my swimming requirements for crew quals. Not a problem for me--as my wife remarked "sh*t floats." The Division 6 Vice Captain was kind enough to observe. After the swim, we shot the breeze a few minutes and discovered we were both Radiomen in the Navy and had both been in Vietnam at the same time. Small world.

Saturday, it was back to Newport for an underway training day. Mostly, we did my QE orals and check ride. The check ride consisted of me performing various evolutions such as rigging a tow, anchoring, line handling and steering the boat. I even managed to bring us alongside the dock without breaking anything (always a good sign.) Now I just need to wait for the usual paperwork shuffle to finish and I'll officially be a crewman. Naturally, I am now being "encouraged" to qualify as coxswain. Well, it does keep me busy.

Hopefully I will be able to make the Milblogger's Shootout next month. Being an ex squid, I haven't done any small arms shooting for decades, so the gang will have to treat me as a total beginner at the range. I do want to squeeze off a few rounds on grandad's .45 revolver.