The Bow Ramp

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tagged for my Weirdness

xformed over at Wide Awakes Blog seems to think there might be at least some weirdness about me. Therefore, I will try to amuse you with these:

1. I like peanut butter and mayonaise sandwiches.

2. Insofar as I know, I am the first Navy guy to be awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal.

3. I once had lunch with the Deputy Premier of China.

4. I went to Navy Reserve Bootcamp at Treasure Island. Damn few people can say that!

5. I ALWAYS wear my shirts tucked in.

6. I am one of only four people in the world who knows where Mt. Scuzzy Dozen is.

Since the only people I know in the blogosphere have pretty much been hit with this meme already, no one will be tagged from here.

Update: oops, the tag came from Wide Awake Blog -- NOT Wide Awake Radio. Sheesh this interweb is confusing.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

William Arkin Shoots Other Foot -- Film at 11:00

This is how William Arkin responds to those of us that dare to criticize the 'great journalist.' Arrogant and intolerant, huh?

I have one word for you Billy-boy: Projection.

I wonder how long Mr. Arkin is planning on being the object of verbal "Whack-A-Mole" before he wises up. On the other hand, it IS one way to ramp-up the hits on his Blog. I wonder how much extra advertising money the WaPo is raking in because everyone is flocking to the virtual zoo to see the poo-flinging monkey. Let’s see, after smearing feces on the military, what other highly trusted American institution can he infuriate next? The MSM? No, wait. The MSM doesn't qualify as a highly trusted institution. I guess he'll have to pick on Small Business instead.