The Bow Ramp

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Iran and it's toys

Iran has apparently just released some more footage in their propaganda campaign. This time supposedly of a new Iranian developed underwater missile, the “Hoot.” In all probability, this is either one of the export “Shkval” missiles that Russia sold to China, or an Iranian back-engineered version of the same thing. Either way, the only ones that are astonished by this are those people who know little or nothing about naval weapons (i.e. the press.) I have been listening to FOX News freaking about this every ten minutes all morning. So far on the news, a lot of people yapping about this and that without actually saying anything about the weapon itself. Any torpedo/underwater missile of this type is going to be short ranged like the Shkval. This just means there is even more reason to never let an Iranian naval unit within five miles of any U.S. warship—ever!

As for the lame-stream media, would you people PLEASE stop assuming that some retired Air Force guy is going to give you good information about a naval weapon system off the top of his head (unless it’s a surface to air missile.) Do the research! There is this cool tool you can use called the internet.