The Bow Ramp

Friday, November 10, 2006

Well Done -- Now Get Busy

Those in the military are pretty familiar with being thanked for a job well done, and then being told to get back to work.

Team Navy has reached the Project Valour-IT goal first. If you don't yet know about Valour-IT, follow the link, or scroll down for more information. "Bravo Zulu" to everyone who donated - woo hoo, bragging rights! Now, we have two days left in the drive, and Team Navy asks you to support our fellow service the United States Marine Corps. This is a specially good time for Navy to pitch in with the Marines as today is the 231st. birthday of the Corps and later this morning I will be attending the ceremonies at the OSU ROTC building.

For many years, I carried water for the Marines -- and chow, and ammo, and vehicles, etc. It didn't matter that I was just a taxi driver for them. I knew I had an important job supporting the "pointy end," and I have always had a great admiration for the Leathernecks.

Now lets get busy again and help the Marines reach their goal. The donation button on the right sidebar now points to the USMC donation site.

Remember, your donation actually goes to all wounded in need regardless of which service they belong to. This is just a little friendly competition for fund raising.

As for me, I am going to hit the donate button once more and then go out and have some Marine Corps birthday cake. That cake will taste extra sweet today.