The Bow Ramp

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

William Arkin - Idiot

If you were to click on THIS LINK, it would take you to William Arkin's blog at the Washington Post. Mr. Arkin seems quite put out that some of our service personnel in Iraq would dare to voice their opinion about the lack of support from a certain portion of our population at home. He seems to be of the idea that these warriors should just shut up and fight. This guy seems to forget that these people are first and formost American citizens. The First Amendment applies to them as well. What is particularly galling to me is that Mr. Arkin seems to have spent a tour in the service himself. I am willing to bet my next paycheck that while he himself was serving, Mr. Arkin chose to voice his opinion to any number of people about various matters of public policy. I am also willing to bet that Mr. Arkin has never availed himself of the opportunity to castigate any service personnel who might have publically expressed negative feelings toward the war.
Hypocritical bastard.